Rebuildable heims


Mar 30, 2022
Anyone have experience with these types of heims?

Curious if they last longer then a normal heim?
Rock donkeys love those. Irate4x4 might be a good source of info. I’ve been intrigued by them also
These are different than the “Johnny joints” commonly used by Rock donkeys, if you didn’t notice/click. Not a fan of those in most cases but these with the brass inners seem like they may be ok, who knows.

These seem to be the best/most popular ones. Lots of U4 cars run them. I was looking at them when I had my XJ with long arms. I sold it before the 1-1/4 ruff stuff hiems wore completely out.
They seem like they make cool stuff.

Personally I would stick with FK or Aurora. <Plus it's one less thing to rebuild ha ha

Note: they are Canada so shipping will probably be pretty expensive (I know because I ship to Canada).
Ya ive gone the fl route jmx series thinking they would hold up longer but they seem to not hold up better…

So looking to try something new.

The cost to redo all my mounts to upsize to 1.25 heims for everything is still costing more than going wth 4 of these style heims so thought it might be worth a shot….
I had the Currie joints on a rear 3 link and they didn't hold up long at all. The urethane insert deformed and made them all loose real fast. Either of these with the preload adjustment seems better and I like that the TMR fast a seal so you can actually grease them. I say go with them just so we all know how well they hold up.
Thanks Maitait for the insight. I agree with you on the johnny joints, im hoping these are better per what you mention and the fact that they are brass inserts. I ended up ordering them over the weekend, hefty bill but i feel like if they last me for a whole season its worth it. Then hopefully just rebuild after that. I do like the idea of being able to grease them.
Well got them on the truck, as austin powers would say they are “ tight like a tiger”! Seem like a quality product. Will see how they do after a week at KOh.

On a side note i was actually suprised how tight the jmx heims felt off the truck even though when on the truck you could hear slop. Also swapped out the tmr ones for my upper link heims. Been running ruffstuff heims on the upper link since i built the truck and i think this is the first time ive swapped them out (maybe second) and they seem to have held up ok, frame side heim was more worn out…


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Been curious about these too. I have had good luck on my FK stuff. Got like 2.5 years on the wife truck and my truck before we started racing. Mynoutter steering tie rods on the f150 need to be replaced every season and sometimes sooner if we are running g the truck alot. Might have to see how these hold up on my steering if the have the same articulation angle. Hope they work out on ur rig.