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Jul 5, 2023
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L: Fullerton Ca

(Am i doing this right?)

What’s up guys, my name is Kevin.
much to my own habitual habit of self destructive mannerisms based around my lack of time management skills, i have come to the dark side from DR to join the movement to BLGT. I’ve been poking around here while on the clock at work and there are quite a few threads I’d like to contribute to and I hope to offer some suspension guidance and help.

For the newer crowds that have only browsed the forbidden DR in more recent years, I was/am formerly known as “OORRACING”, then KevinWithDialed, and now just Dialed Shock Prep.
I do have an off road truck, still forever holding down my driveway. I’ve been too focused on trying to expand and grow my business to the point of pursuing a full time career out of it (while currently still working full time as an electrical maintenance mechanic, and being a dad). When that day comes (or i win the lotto) I can re-focus back onto my long term project.


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