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Jul 5, 2023
Hey all,
Forums! YESSS! Lol I guess what is old is new again. I'm old lol and stoked you all brought it back. Such a great resource. Anyway.... Im in Bend Or, moved here looking for a little freedom to roam for my kids about 8 years ago. Minus the inflex of bay area money and polarizing political views its been awesome. We have so much public land you can drive legally off-road for miles. Shoot, hunt fish and moto. I was in socal (Lompoc) most of my life. Raced, 7s, class one, district 37 a ton of moto and California rally series. Now I just love riding my moto in the woods, fabricating (pays the bills) and "prelanding" or "over running" or what the hell ever the the dam kids new buz word is lol. I just call it exploring and driving as fast as I safely can. Got some good buddys up here (Aaron from Dixon Brothers racing of ol) and I moved up at the same time, and two teenage boys that love 2 and 4 wheels as much as I do. So consider this an open invite to anyone who needs shown around, fabrication in the area or a property to pitch a tent on. There is a solid off-road community up here that always has open arms if your cool. Cheers!


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i will be up there late august, might need to grab a beer ( or rootbeer in my case since i dont drink)
my dad lives in lapine.
Dude. It would be cool to plan a Mammoth to Reno to Bend via dirt trip. Let’s scheme!
Sounds good to me! Fall is a awesome time when it cools a bit. There is a BTB trail (border to border) and might just fit the bill. Otherwise plenty of ways to make it happen (y)
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Late October 2025. Let’s make this fucker happen. That in-car looks absolutely delightful!