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Nov 26, 2023
Dalton GA
Recently semi-retired, trying to teach myself automotive fabrication, mechanics, paint and body...everything. about a year into it, still very much a beginner. I live in Georgia USA, and theres no deserts around here but im convinced fast trucks with good suspension are best for 90% of the offroad offerings around me, mostly consisting of rutted dirt roads. The other 10% would be steep muddy hills, rock crawling and mud bogging....maybe one day i'll be competent enough to build an ultra 4.
Im currently refurbishing my 2012 Ford raptor that was my work daily for a long time. My wife and i drove it across the country on the Transamerican trail. 3 weeks of beating it up, and it needs some TLC. Its a midtravel truck with 18" bypass and bed cage, nothing to wild compared to the trucks i see here.

Once my old truck is back on the road, i have a 97 regular cab ranger lined up to really learn on.

Looking forward to learning from this community. From my brief look around, looks like i have a lot to learn. Thanks for having meScreenshot_20231126_202042_Gallery.jpg


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One my favorite trucks was my 93 2wd, standard cab Ranger with a 2.3L and T-5 Manual. It was originally an auto but the trans was bad and I had an extra T-5 out of an SVO.... I put an Autofab front end and leaf springs, with 2.5" shocks all around and drove the hell out of it! Sooo many good times in that truck. Enjoy!
Welcome! Definitely need some more info on your Waptuh and a trip report of the Transamerican Trail
Ive had the waptuh since 2012 and drove it daily for years. When i got some spare time i figured id upgrade the truck and learn some skills along the way. Watched a lot of videos, learned to weld, bought some tools, break more than i fix but im getting better. Truck has:
AFW +2 fenders/bedliners
RPG bolt kit, 3.0 icon CO, 3.0 icon bypass
SVC bed cage, Fox 18" 3.5 bypass
Deaver leafs
+2 inch shackles
SVC bumper front& rear
Whipple S/C
Mishimoto radiator
4:88 gears

Ive done everything but the regearing. That was beyond me at the time but im going to attempt it on the ranger.

As for the Transamerican Trail, it was great from Arkansas to Oregon. OK from Dalton GA to Arkansas, but to much like home and a lot of pavement. 2 hotel nights, the rest in the tent. Here is our instagram of the trip. Wife kept up with it so mostly about the sights, and not so much truck but there is some. Were going to start towing the whupta out to the southwest and doing some desert stuff soon.