Oceano Dunes- Win a golf cart!

Jared MacLeod

New member
Feb 24, 2023
Ventura County, CA
Friends of Oceano Dunes has this RZR Giveaway fundraiser going through Oct 7. Someone’s going to win a really sweet golf cart!

We just won a major lawsuit against the Coastal Commission, overturning the dunes closure at the end of 2023. We’re still fighting 15 lawsuits, a Coastal Commission appeal and just filed a cross-appeal last week. Our group’s burn rate for legal bills is $36k per month! Our entire team is volunteer, no salaries are paid. These giveaways are how we fund our work, so 100% of proceeds go directly to these lawsuits to keep our WINNING streak going.

If anyone has questions on the bureaucratic mess at Oceano Dunes, or the group would like to see updates posted on BLGT, let me know. Thanks for the support!

RZR Sweepstakes link:


i am going to win this and break off all of your crappy prerunners/overlanders.
Is there a minimum that is required to donate in order to get your name in on a super fast golf cart?

Asking for a friend :rolleyes:
@Jared MacLeod

This could be next Flagship Vessel for BADLINESGOODTIMES!!!111111one!

If you pick one of our tickets, I vow to mount Golf bags to the back and Chuck Norris all the whoop sections across the land!

Thanks in Advance!