New Years Superstition Trip report


Nov 28, 2022
Headed out on Wednesday afternoon!C5689ACF-4264-47C5-9666-9ABFF5632ECA.jpeg
Ended up getting there kind of late so went exploring on Thursday 524FE865-7FB1-4A7C-9459-941E34CBE15A.jpeg
Everyone has golf carts 🤷🏼‍♂️😢 I was leading the pack through the dunes and was trying to keep momentum with my 2.3 liters of fury ended up hitting a drop that was much bigger then expected and it was to late I’ve never hit the skid plate on this truck because of the approach angle but I smashed it in so hard luckily didn’t just stuff it we skipped, went from hitting the ground to sky wheelie real quick bent some things in true bad lines good times fashion 🫡 My phone even went off thinking we got in a car accident was asking if we needed 911 😳4CAD9834-422B-4E25-8609-A7657DBE49DA.jpeg4856E923-D42C-41BD-B16B-8A5B25E4FF74.jpeg
At first I was pretty sure I bent a beam but further investigation both tie rods and the driver side steering knuckle were bent which through my toe way out causing the camber “when I backed up did the opposite” I was pretty bummed being that this was the first day out and I blew it 🤦🏼‍♂️ but i adjusted the tie rods in as far as they would go and limped it back to camp when I got back I took the wheel off and further investigated to make sure nothing was going to fall off the truck everything checked out so I cruised it the rest of the weekend! 🤠
Still had a little toe out causing some camber but nothing major over all ended being a good trip now time to fix the truck!