New year, New member, New project.

John Reynaga

New member
Dec 31, 2023
How’s it going everyone? Obligatory new member post from Oceanside. @gascapkevin opened up a new space in my driveway, I was so excited I filled it the same day. Picked up a 2001 Silverado 1500 4x4. I use to service this truck at a shop I use to work at, so I have a nice service history with this truck. 4l60e blew and I was able to scoop it up. Coilover conversion, and it looks like a JD Fab kit. IMG_7918.jpegIMG_7927.jpeg
The plan is pull the trans this week so I can send it out for rebuild. After that it’ll just get cleaned up and it will be my desert cruiser while I mess with my XJ. IMG_7209.jpeg
Nice! Excited to find out, update as you dive in to it and use it. Do you think a 3” coilover could fit in there?
Most definitely will post updates. Diameter wise a 3 inch coilover will fit, the problem is a 3.0 uses a one inch shaft not a 7/8. The jd fab kit uses the stock lower control arm, and comes with a shock adapter that threads to the 7/8 shaft.