More Race Saturday


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Jan 8, 2023
Is anyone going to the more race Saturday? I will out there in the bronco.
I'm going to the Terra event Saturday but I'll be at Camp Kyle Saturday after the race if anyone is there i'll see ya then.
Leaving this afternoon to head up there. Helping out Becerra racing and their class 2000 truck and class 10 car.
Should be in the pits for first race, if you guys are close to the pits cruise thru…..
I’ll be with my boy Johnny #1434 bright green tundra. I’ll come says what’s up if I see ya
It was a good race, my buddy took home 2nd place hardware. Weather was decent until about 2pm then there was times the lake bed looked like the Mint400 scene from Fear&Loathing.
It took a good 3 days of cleaning just get that fine talcum powder dust out and off everything.
Going to have to expect a dust devil the next time I turn on AC or roll down windows on freeway.
Same result for our team 3rd place finish class 2000 and 7th for class 10.
Didn’t see this thread beforehand. Had an awesome time out there. Preran both courses Friday in my truck. Saturday co-drove in the Mofles 7s ranger in the second heat racing 2000. It was a brutal 100 miles with 10” of wheel travel. We manage to average 43mph. Every hole we hit hurt my chest last lap but we got a finish! 5th place in class. I was dumb enough to go out and do another lap in my truck after the race too 😂🤦🏻‍♂️