Looking for DIY coating for devers leafsprings. Recommendations


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Dec 24, 2023

Anyone have a recommendation for a paint or something for Deavers so they do not rust as fast?

Something that can be done at home would be idea.

I'm going to try tractor supply enamel with the rebuild I'm doing right now. It seems to be slightly flexible on the test samples I tried. Only one way to find out right. You find anything else?
I like to use appliance enamel, and while its wet cover it with graphite spray, you can find it in the hardware store for locks, it soaks into the paint and helps make it a little more slippery. make sure you let it dry for a while before reassembly
Good to know I'll have to try that on the next set I do. I use the graphite on assembly normally. How long does the paint last? 1 season 2 or more
Thanks for the ideas, I ended up using some rubberized POR from Eastwood before the comments landed. So I was just guessing 😅
Nice keep us posted on how it works out for you. I wonder if there is anything else people are using