Sold JD2 model 3 bender with dies

Sold Item. She Gone!


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Apr 5, 2022
Selling my old bender since I got a electric hydro jd2 now. No problems at all. Dies for 1" 1.25" 1.5" and 1.75". Air over hydraulic ram setup. Works fine just haven't used it for a while and don't need 2 benders. Has custom made cart just needs mounts to hang the dies better than sitting on bottom of cart like it's been for years. $1200 obo in Lucerne ValleyPXL_20221117_000608078.jpgPXL_20221117_000614336.jpgPXL_20221117_000617946.jpgPXL_20221117_000621178.jpgPXL_20221117_000623284.jpgPXL_20221117_000625749.jpgPXL_20221117_001018280.jpgPXL_20221117_001037741.jpgPXL_20221117_001041334.jpg
Yeah I got one for myself to use. Ain't gonna sell that unless I get another one as part of a deal.
Yeah I actually don't need one for anything right now but would be nice to 'complete' the set I of die's I currently have.