Finally made an account (old DR dude)

Jul 26, 2023
Yucca Valley, CA
Hey guys! I finally made time to make an account lol, I figured I would post updates on my Tundra as well as post builds and things we are working on in our Shop located in Yucca Valley. after 3 years of trying to get a building up on my property we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and beginning to offer Shock rebuilds/revalves/and tuning, Fabrication/welding, prep/suspension installs and more!

Onto our toys! Our tundra was just recently rebuilt/finished by JuberaFab, after close to 10 years of building/rebuilding my 86 pickup, I took it up to the Jubera's since I just didnt have the heart/drive to cut it up again haha. they killed it on the rebuild and took our ole 86' pickup and turned it into a 03' tundra. pretty unique build!

Ill try to remember to post more of what comes in and out of our shop in the future, We have some things posted already on instagram @Hi_Desert_MotorSports if you wanna check it out!


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