Classified Rules


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
Got something to sell, trade, or in search of something for your build? Awesome, this the place for you!

A few quick guidelines.
- Don't be a dick. Don't rip anyone off. Be truthful and honest.
- Descriptive to the point thread title (on the left side select a prefix ) For sale, Trade, ISO. This will help give it the Green For Sale tag
- Description of parts/items you are selling. The more info the better. (what vehicle they came off or will work for, Condition,etc.)
- Location ( City, State)
- Price $
- Photos (periodically we will be posting your ads at random on IG/ FB) ***Pro Tip: Ads that have photos will be the ones we select.
- Once your Item is Sold. Mark it SOLD by changing the prefix on thread title
- Pay the Fee (More on this below)

What does it cost?

Zero dollars.

But there is a Fee.

That Fee is that you share the forum with your people, friends, crew, squad, unit, circle, etc.

Any Questions or suggestions? Let us know!

Happy Sailing / Buying / Trading!