Camburg SUA on a Tacoma


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Apr 19, 2022
San Pedro, CA
Anyone else running Camburg's SUA kit on a taco?
Looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. The shackles have been out of square since they came from Camburg. The first time I brought this up (2018) they said that it's in spec.
I'm about to put my fourth set of bushings on. I've averaged around 15k miles on each set, heavy majority of the miles being street. Camburg has even told me each set of bushings should last 50k plus...

It's getting to the point now that I'm going to just replace it all with the DMZ sua kit.
What about it is out of square? The bolt holes on the shackles, bolt holes on the hangers...? If it's just the shackles, or hangers, why not replace/modify them instead of getting an entire new kit?
The whole shackle is warped. If you set it on a flat surface, one corner has about a 1/8in gap. Both sides are the same. It actually causes enough resistance for the suspension to not fully droop.

Apparently the shackle is also an inch or so too long. I've been thinking about having a friend cut them up and redo them correctly.
If you goto YouTube. Dirt King has a video showing their Tacoma SUA kit. They are actually taking off a Camburg kit. They mention some negatives of the kit I believe but don’t outright say who makes it. They confirm it in the comments section. Go check it out

I’m running DMZ SUA and had no problems.