Baja Society 2024 2/23 - 2/25

What's up guys. I should of posted about this awhile ago. But we are hosting the Baja Society takeover this year at our spot in Lucerne Valley. Granted this is focused on the VW and buggy guys. But its open to anyone and any vehicle. We are allowing camping at the property but have limited space, if we fill up we are only a mile from the cougar buttes camping area. If any of you are interested would love to see you guys out there. Its a geocache style poker run, you will be given coordinates when you start and will hunt for ammo cans that'll have poker chips in them. Its always a super fun time. For more information you can go to the website or the baja society instagram.
how'd this go ?
The event went amazing. We had just about 200 people attend. The run Friday we had a good amount of cars and went from Lucerne to slash x. Saturday the poker run was roughly 60-70 miles and each stop had some sort of monument/sight where the boxes were placed. I didnt get get many photos. IMG_8665.jpegIMG_8673.pngIMG_8662.jpeg