Are these cut and turned beams a good option for my first ranger prerunner build?

I am trying to turn my 1997 single cab 2.3l Ranger into a prerunner. Found a deal on marketplace for cut and turned beams. What are the pros and cons of these? seller will also throw in deaver springs for a total of $900. is this a good deal?

here is the marketplace link:

Could a be a roll of the dice depending on the fab work ( welds, were they set up properly ) could be swell or you could be buying a couple paper weights.... tough to say

@the_fablab_ you have any words of wisdom here. If I remember correctly you were just telling me about a customer of yours with cut and turn beams that were all outta wack ?
Those aren’t “cut and turned” beams, they’re extended forged beams. Radius arms are fugly but I’m sure they work fine. $400 is worth seeing if everything bolts up in my opinion. If not, you get to learn some new skills!
Based on the tabs and shock mounts, it looks like they’re setup for coil springs with dual shocks.
I would get deavers and walk away from thos factory 88 older forded ranger beams. Do you have 4x4 or 2wd???? 4x4 is what they cut and turn.