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May 26, 2023
Hey guys. My name is Ryan. I’m 38 from Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura/Santa Barbara. I am/was Bassist21685 on dezert rangers, dezertdimes and race dezert Mr.Gardner2u on insta. I do a lot of the dezert dimes and some of the clean desert, CORVA and meet up flyers on insta/fb(graphic design background). I used to play bass guitar in a few punk bands you probably never heard of, hence the old handle name, and have owned two f150’s, a 4x4 ranger and a b3000…. But for the last decade a Cheby s10. Haha
I’ve had the Bodj work on my current truck, Off Road Werkz, C&C fabrication…. Just to name a few.
Currently its long travel front end was made and designed by Baja customs and was supposedly a development truck by their welder “Tyler.” Then another kid from Simi Valley owned it and then I bought it.
Pics are of its current design set up.

My goals are to make a front spindle for it. I have dana 35 snouts/brakes and blocks, and the econo spindle kit from Kartek. I want to fix some of the an arm steering geometry, run bigger brakes and convert it to 5x4.5 without a spacer.
For the rear, I also picked up some fox SVT internal bypass shocks that need to be rebuilt and and modded to valve for the rear. I dont want to cut up the bed, so my goal is to maximize the possible travel as possible. Mounting shocks as low as possible on the axle and as high as possible on the frame.
Currently my rear is a 2500 drive shaft cut down(to remove the carrier) a explorer 8.8(31 spline, disk brakes, 4.10 gears), a ford ranger main leaf( so factory the s10 are 26+28” but currently I’m running a ford ranger main leaf at
25”5/8”+31 so it’s alittle longer on the back half with a longer shackle to compensate on compression. Due to my custom drive shaft I have 1.5” of slip on the yoke, so I could give up .5” for the ranger leaf, I trade for 3” longer on the rear)(I had it leaf over with the s10 main, but it wheel hopped a lot and I wanted to go back to leaf under and wanted a longer spring to run a longer shackle) with add a leaves, total chaos hangers and fox resi shocks and poly bushings.
My goals are to keep it a daily. Maybe 5.3/4l80 swap it one day and repaint it(she’s ugly). Hahaha. Maybe cowl hood it, maybe a selectable locker(ox), and air compressor on it…and keep it my daily. She’s been through alot but only 120k miles). I need to give it more love but I’m also building motorcycles at my house in Ventura.
Currently I have a 89rm250 with a big bore kit and fmf pipe, a race spec crf450r, a 03 hd dyna and a 150cc pit bike. I just built and sold a sportster bobber and a triumph bobber hard tail. Been doing alot of hd stuff lately.
Thank you for the add. Love the community and the brotherly bs. I probably will not contribute anything except for sale adds, but we’ll see. Fb killed forums….and let’s go Brandon. I can’t think of anything else. Hahaha.


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I was thinking back... I think you bought the old bumper that was on the mouse ... would have been in like 2010 😂
Ya dude! I wish I had pics, but that bumper went on my ol’ b3000. It looked good too! I appreciated you showing me your awesome Toyota and garage set up.
What’s up dude ! Welcome ! Another S10! @the bodj likes this !
Thanks for having me bro! I look forward to see this forum grow.
DR definitely had the momentum, but seems like alittle mismanagement killed it.
I’ve been following the badlinesgoodtimes insta for over a year now.