A change of pace in the dunes


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
With summer coming to a close. Maitai sent out a message in the group text trying to rally the troops for a family camping trip up north to the Oceano Dunes for the weekend. to beat the heat.
We had a few takers and shockingly we found a handful of campsites in the Coastal dunes RV park just outside the gate.

@Motiracer38 ( Maitai)
@RustBucketRacer ( Billy)
yours truly 🤡

I was pretty excited to for a few reasons. It had been years since the last Pismo trip maybe 2015!? https://www.dezertrangers.com/threads/lolito-huckfest.228260/

This was going to be the first trip in the 4 runner with the family flat towing it out with RV.


Had plenty of prep to do to get this pile ready to go after it had been sitting. I'll do a whole post on that in the build thread. But a few photo to show the bundle of fail I was dealing with...



Was an uphill battle prepping. Including late night run to Auto zone/ Oreilys and finally Harbor Freight to get myself a 54mm socket for the wheel bearing nut.

Thought it would be fun if I mangled my hand too. Had to break out the super glue... and close her up.


Got it all slapped back together Tuesday night so I could drive it to work Wednesday and Thursday just to put some miles on it. before we rolled out Friday afternoon.

Hooked it up for the first time to the RV Friday. My boy @the_fablab_ did an awesome job installing the tow points and modifying the tow bar. Hooked up even easier than the mouse so that was nice.

We finally hit the road about 230 pm


Made it to camp about 6ish after a pretty smooth trip minus the high winds going up Gaviota pass.

Fired up the grill and Cooked up some burgers.
Used Billy's firepit for some smores
Had a few sport sodas.

The next morning cooked up some breakfast.



Loaded up the squads and headed to the beach....
Before we pulled out of the campground my daughter decided she had enough of that shitty tint and started pulling it off her window. haha


We aired down


and we were off


We cruised all the way down to the end of the camping zone ( which is way smaller, they only allow 250 camping passes now. compared to the previous 1000 and the size of the camping area reflects this.) We turn left and head into the dudes kids are having a great time I decided to just leave it in 2 hi and see what how far I could get. We are cruising along it was pretty chattered out and let's be honest the leaf sprung 4 runner is a few steps up from a covered wagon in the rough. 🤠

Well fast forward about 3 mins. Evi is not having it. Connor is trying to talk her off the ledge holding her hand and telling her it's going to be okay.

So I make the executive decision to head back to the beach. so we can post up and let the kids play in the sand. Almost the moment we get out of the terrible chop. EV-E passes out haha... We hit up Billy and let him know we are on the way back towards the main entrance. Cruising down the beach windows down watching all people, the birds, and whales....
Just past before the vendor area. I look off to my right and see a buried Lincoln Town Car? I drove a little past and stopped and chatted with Maitai and was like dude we should help that guy out real quick... so I spin around. I hop out and started chatting with the guy about the car and asked if he needed any help. He and his buddy had just finished this beast. It reminded me of the car I think Kibbie tech build? Thing was cool.



We hooked up the 4runner. Locked the hubs and threw her in 4 Lo. I didn't want to yank him too hard right out of the gate so I just got some slack on the strap and tried that first.

Got him out..but as you can see in the video it was pretty soft... He was still aired up to about 20psi. I recommended he drop it down to 12 in the front and 10 out back to get some float...he agreed. we continued to shoot the shit a little bit more..He was telling me about the car and how they were out filming for his youtube channel. . gave him the only Bad lines good times sticker I had with me, We loaded up and continued down the beach. Later on, I scoped out his youtube he has quite a following.