'23-'24 Dune Season trips... Moto things, BLGT Glamis Gathering??


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Feb 8, 2023
Who all is getting ready for the upcoming dune season? We've got a small group of us moto dorks that go out to Glamis from AZ at least a few times a season so I figured I'd drop dates here in case anyone else would like to join in! We usually pick off weekends but right now we're talking a Halloween trip.

Also I'm not opposed to putting a trip together to get the trucks out there, who all is interested in a takeover in Glamis? I took my K5 out there before KOH this year and it was WAY more fun than I thought it would be, I think I rode the bike twice in the 4 days I was there lol
Pics didn’t upload on the last message…


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I'd love to go back to Glamis this season, it's always fun out there. New Year's through KOH is always a dead time for me and will be looking for some trips to join in on. Never been to Dumont either but looks like a great place.
I'm not opposed to MLK weekend in January, it has been my favorite weekend as far as weather there. The ASA does their cleanup that weekend too so theres always that to help with.
I’ve been to Dumont once when I was working in Barstow. Went for the day to check it out since I had never been and the place looks like it would be a blast. It was in July when I went with some thunderstorms rolling through and not a soul out there, one of the perks of keeping the A/C working in the rig 😂


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