2023 trips to go on

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
so my overzealous plans will be:
san felipe 250.
baja 500.
geoffs baja mini tour
petes camp poker run if they have it still.
if desertgoat plans another event????
loca races and events (more,clean desert, terra crew) as time and truck permits
what about yours
For myself...

King of the Hammers will be a rad trip and I always encourage all to attend! Looks like we'll have a solid group this year.
I need to go to Mexico in a truck so as long as the SF250 isn't too close to the "Dad's trip" then I'm game.
I'd really like to make a trip up North in the Mammoth Region.
Ocotillo weekend trips will happen on weekends as time permits since it's an easy day trip for me.
I'll probably attend all Clean Desert events but only be able to cook at about 2 this year.
Last trip I hope to be a part of is the Baja 1000. La paz to Ensenada.... This way I ensure I make it to La Paz haha. Normally something happens and I only make it half way down the Peninsula .
For Me

Also would like to make it to a few races this year with the kids quick overnighters or just day runs. Would like to get up to big bear and
Miller Jeep trail.
Too many to think about. I just wait for people to start Yap’ing about it the week before and just go do it!


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