2013 Tacoma


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Oct 10, 2022
Second owner, purchased from a family member. 2013 Sport 4x4 140,000 miles.
Window tint, Bilstein 5100, otherwise all stock
Immediately threw on some new 265 all terrain tires and a flip back tonneau cover
Shortly after installed some sliders from 4x innovations, switched over to Camburg upper arms, King 2.5 ext coil overs, RCI steel skid plates
Ran the truck like this for a while, hit some trails in Big Bear, made it through Gold Mountain for the most part. 1 flat tire at the long shale rock section but other than that no problems. Did some camping/ desert trips enjoying the truck.
After a while the snowball started forming and felt the need for more travel, bigger tires and so on.

Got a good deal on a Baja Kits +2 kit. Installed that along with Deaver 3leaf aal, superbumps front/rear. Method 701 and 33” Nitto Ridge Grapplers
And of course I didn’t like the tire sticking out past the front fenders, bolted on McNeil fenders and All Pro aluminum bumper.

Decided to pickup a Front Runner tent for summertime mountain trips , as the wife hates camping in the ground tent.

First installed the KB Voodoo aluminum bed caps, then built bed bars from 2” x .120 wall square tube that rests on the bed caps and bolts into the stock rails. Cut out sections of the tonneau cover so that camping/work gear could stay locked up inside as I was still using the truck as a daily.
Had nothing but problems with the Baja Kit +2 . Needed to limit strap it very conservatively otherwise the outer cv axle boots would rub the lower uniball/arm and tear the boot. Travel was barely 10” total. Went through countless upper and lower arm delrin bushings. Squeaks and creaks and re-lubing constantly.
After a while the rear leaf springs were tired and feeling the need for more travel and better ride quality, went ahead installed DMZ spring under kit, King 2.5x16 3 tube bypass, King 2.0 hydro bumps. McNeill rear fiberglass, boxed the frame, Mazulla rear bumper
At the beginning of 2021, decided to finally get the front end figured out, put the truck in the garage for a few days to install JD Fab +4 long travel, lower pivots, steering double shear/Heim, upper arm gussets, spindle gussets, new limit straps, 934 axle kit and aluminum skid plates.
Then went to 35” tires. Which required some sheet metal work to the inner fenders to get them to clear at full bump lock to lock.
Ended up installing king 2.0 hydro bumps on the front . Then shortening them to 1” later on, also switched to a 18”x600 spring from the 16”x650 I had before. Coil overs revalved as well
Welded in a new muffler, a little bigger than the mbrp that was on there from the beginning. A little less drone with the bigger one.
Not many changes since beginning of 2021 when I installed the JD front kit.
Just tuning suspension, rebuilt the Deaver pack, some PRP seats and upgraded to the larger 4Runner front calipers and rotors
Couple little things in between, CSF aluminum radiator, silicone hoses, KN cold air intake, solid motor/transmission mounts, Kilmat all doors/cab, hood pin latches, pedal commander, abs/stability control switch, more frame boxing, traction boards mounted, fire extinguisher
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Got any more pictures of the hood latches/ pins on the core support?
and how you attached the bezel pieces below the headlight area? Looks like a small rivet on the bezel and then some tab that goes behind the fiberglass?
Got any more pictures of the hood latches/ pins on the core support?
and how you attached the bezel pieces below the headlight area? Looks like a small rivet on the bezel and then some tab that goes behind the fiberglass?
Basically cut out two holes with a holesaw, connect them using a cutoff wheel, the bezel sandwiches the hood with another bezel underneath. The video below is pretty much exactly how I did my install.