The_fablab_ and Adventure Endeavor Glamis trip (Feb 23-26.

That was an amazing weekend, thank you Jesse and Mikey for hosting. Super bummed about Mikey’s incident but glad y’all are ok. My buddy’s starter died on him Saturday morning so most of the day was spent taking care of that. First gen tundra starters are located on top of the engine block, beneath the intake manifold so it’s a job to get it out. I let him take my truck into town to go get a new one so most of the day was spent hanging out and lending a hand or tool when needed. Other than that, we had a great time! Weather was absolutely amazing the entire weekend as well. Until the next one..






So bummed I missed this, just couldn't make two weekends in a row happen living 7 hours away. I'll have a group back out there the weekend of march 16th if anyone is up for round two. I'll have my k5 out there, a buddy is bringing a jeep. guess thats the Redbull Sand Scramble weekend too