Steel It alternatives?


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Jun 7, 2023
Are there any knock-off Steel It coating alternatives out there?

I love the product, but damn they are getting proud of the stuff.
where are you located? i bought a box for a project, but only used a few cans. its the silver stuff .
Been using the seymour butts stuff for a few years, its a pretty close match to yota thunder gray metallic too which is a bonus.

Make damn sure you shake the can well though, it will spray just the binder and not the flake or just the flake and not the binder if you have the can sitting for a while.

I used the Seymour paint from a recommendation here it sprayed good with no issues. It's a bit more 'siliver' and less matte in color. 1000004369.jpg1000004372.jpg
In this picture you can see steel it on the far section and the Seymore paint in the near ground.
Agreed, I have like 6 cans that just sat and all went bad. Lame! It does layout nice though when it does work.

Who welds through paint anyways!? Truly.
I just used the last half can of silver steel-it that’s been sitting on a shelf in my garage for a good 5 years. After a good shake, it sprayed perfectly down to the last drop 🤷🏻‍♂️
McKenzies sticker on it was $21.99 and even at that price it seems like a ripoff. There was an Amazon alternative that a lot of people were using a few years ago but the Seymour Butts seems to be the hot ticket these days.

Ha ha yeah I vote try Seymour Butts ha ha!
Make an offer on my cans, i wont be using them.. send me a pm and i will see how many i have, but want to say i saw atleast 6 new cans this weekend.
Been using this for the last few years on bedcage touch ups. Works great, and it's at every autozone for cheap.


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Holy shit steel it is literally double what I paid in 2019 haha. Cases were like $18 a can