Race radios?

Way old thread, but this is a relevant topic that might be helpful. Coax type and length makes a quite a difference. I got my ham license about 5 years ago, installed a quad band mobile in my 5th gen 4Runner that works well on the 2m(race freqs)/70cm bands. So I thought I knew a little about antennas and cables, but turns out, not so much for offroad racing applications.
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I'm a radio dork, I can probably help. Rugged radios are relabeled radios. They buy existing radios and they slap a rugged sticker on it.
You can get the same radio for a much lower price.

I run Kenwood radios with Sigtronics headset. Similar to what you will find in a firetruck.

Antennas are based on what radio frequencies you'll be operating in. Race radio usually operate in the 151 to 154 MHz. So when you look up antennas, look within that frequency range.
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You have us pegged. And man, what a pain in the ass it is to make these cast aluminum and molded stickers and adhering them to our radio bodies. If you have any suggestions on how to make that easier, please share! :p

Kidding aside, if anyone needs radio help, I'm happy to do it... doesn't matter who's product you have. We do the same in-house as we do at the races - Help. Even if it's just some guidance with the equipment you already have. For anyone going out to KOH, we're also happy to help there as well, we only ask for your patience as our priority will be race teams.


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