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May 3, 2022
Visalia, Ca.
Ok, before my man card gets pulled and i get thrown into the fire, hear me out. I've been slamming Keystones (always smooth) for more than 15 years. I have drank my fair share of beer. Desert trips, camping trips, family events or just working in the garage, the stones have always continuously flowed. I'm trying to change it up a little bit. I still plan to throw them back around a camp fire after a long desert run or on a camping trip but id like to find a solid non alcoholic beer to help fill the lack of stones i plan to cut back on. I'm hoping to do a lot of father/son trips this year and i want to add a case or 2 of NAs in the cooler so i could drink those during the day and save the regular beers for night time at camp. I've been on the NA kick for about 3 weeks now. Here is what I've tried so far...

-Old Milwaukee
-Busch NA
-Corona NA
-Coors Edge
-Some NA IPA at Bevmo (can't remember the name)

Any of you guys into NAs? If so what's your near beer of choice? For the money i have found Busch NA being the best. For the taste id say O'Doul's and Corona knock it out of the park but they are expensive as fuck.
I usually do the Heineken 0s when I’m on the river driving the boat. They’re pretty good! Also been wanting to try the 0 proof whiskeys that have been comin out
The heineken zeros and the corona zeros are my go to. I usually drink coors light but on weekdays etc when im working in the garage and dont want to drink a bunch of beers the zeros get the job done.
Going to have to jump on this band wagon as well for Hammers... Going to be doing too much driving around to be sipping coor's latte's all day.

I like the bud zeros but sounds like the Heineken's are good?
I like the Lagunitas NA, Athletic Brewing, St. PauliNAs, and the Heineken 0. Not really a beer, but you should give Hop Water a try. Its like hop flavored sparkling water and has adoptogens and stuff.
What’s up everyone my name is Tim I started a Non alcoholic craft beer company outta Thousand Oaks called SoBear! I’m happy to hook anyone up with my Hazy Pale ale and Guava Sour. Also I’ll give a bunch to @dwphoto and he can pass them around! Stoked to see so many people trying out and supporting the NA market! Shoot me an email if you are interested.