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Jun 10, 2022
Hello all, after a couple years of testing and a handful of people asking me about how I got my rear suspension to work so well after doing the Terra video, I've decided to offer one of my secrets to the public. No, these will not make your vehicle instantly work like a linked truck but it will greatly reduce the friction between the leaf springs which equals freer movement which equals the potential for a greatly improved ride. This service combined with shock tuning by Karl Mason at Shock Talk (or tuner of your preference) will help redefine how well a leaf sprung vehicle can work. I take the springs apart, sand/prep every individual leaf spring, sandblast the springs, have them Teflon coated (along with the bushing inner sleeves), cut individual lipped leaf liner to go in between every leaf, and reassemble them with stainless hardware and Nylon clamp spacers so they wont rattle. If the customer wants to have the shackles coated as well that can be done as well at no extra cost. If you have leaf springs and are interested in my LAF services (Leaf Spring Anti-Friction I used that acronym because most people laughed at me when I told them what I wanted to try) please send me a DM and we can work on getting you the best working leaf springs possible.
Price is $1,500 but may change due to coating cost changes.

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I love the ingenuity, did you have the plastic custom extruded? What width leaf springs is this service available for? What's the service life?

So many questions and so few leaf springs in my life!
Thanks for asking man, so yes I have them made for me from Delrin in 2.5" with lips. I had to have them made because its IMPOSIBLE to find 2.5" with lips. I can do any width spring since all the other sizes are already available. Mine have been on for 2 years and have yet to wear through the Delrin liners. Admittedly they aren't as smooth as when they were new, but they're probably still 80% as smooth as when I first assembled them, so a 20% decrease isn't bad for 2 years and a lot of abuse. The other thing that helps is coating the inner sleeves for the bushings, if the customer wants the shackles coated that'd be even better and not cost any extra.
Is this available for 3" springs or just 2.5"?

Edit, never mind I missed the post where you answered this.
Here is IMG_4340.jpega set of Raptor Springs I’m doing for @2012SVTSC I ended up getting new bushings and making new inner sleeves too because I didn’t like how thin the Deaver inner sleeves were (0.075” wall thickness).


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Just got the springs back from coating. I ended up turning him some custom bushings with customized inner sleeves on the lathe. Then machined in spiral grease grooves in the barrel. Now I just need to assemble them.

Sidenote- Why the hell does Deaver have two different bushing sizes for their leaf springs? The front bushing OD is like 1.466” and the rear bushing OD is like 1.338”, then the shackle bushing OD is a standard 1.5”. I had to machine the bushings because I wanted to use a 1 inch inner sleeve, so there was more clamping area on the frame and shackle but there is almost no one out there that makes the exact size I needed.


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