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charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
^^^^ I also have the white LED lights on the dimmer switch and when the door opens. hear are some shots of the blue lights installed. was just trying to go for a "glow" so when i am driving and the passenger is reading/looking for something, i wont get blinded.

I also scored these pop out side windows. don't think they were a option in 88 but i got them. was a pain in the ass installing them after a cage was already installed.

I orderd a IRD/back up camera kit. going to install that soon.

waiting on my wire guy to send me the part numbers for the gauge so he/we can get that going.

tried to help a friend bleed his trailer brakes.








charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
I found an replacment of the POS plastic thermal stat housing to a metal cast one. I have replaced about 3 of these since i have had this motor. Hopefully this one will be the last.

also, took a little R&R baja trip last week to coyote cals. found myself on the beach part of the race course.





got a new Dakota digital dash going in next month.

I spotted you on the 5s the other week figured you were heading to Mexico

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
it has been a while since i have updated this thread. I have been just working on little things keeping it going. the new gauges are all in and work great. had some new back lighted switch panels made and had it all powder coated.

one of the things i have been struggling with this threat beam front end has been with the passenger side upper ball joint. the spread was not right. right after i installed this front end, i kept breaking upper alignment cams. with out going into the whole deal with threat with this, i just have been carrying extra parts with me.
geoff from giant motorsports had some new ball joint ends made and reworked my beams. he als reset the "base" alignment. now it is all good.

while prepping to head back to baja for play/prerun the baja 500 coming up, i found some roller bearings coming out of my trans fluid. so now i am getting a new trans for this truck before i go.
I also have been making a new cross member under the trans that ties in the front cross member and the rans/raduis arm mount. it has a 1/4" skid plate to protect the new deep trans pml pan.



charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
I haven't updated this in a while because my old lame ass struggled with the photo bullcrapp i thin i have my photos transferred over to another host so i should be good to post.
too hard to figure out what photos show and what does not so here is just a bunch.
storage doors1 by chris walker, on Flickr

headliner.3 by chris walker, on Flickr
headliner by chris walker, on Flickr
dash gauge.3 by chris walker, on Flickr
popout sidewindows by chris walker, on Flickr
DSCI0124 by chris walker, on Flickr
DSCI0015 by chris walker, on Flickr
ChrisWalker 175 by chris walker, on Flickr

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022







Always wrenching. Dont think you will ever be done. Once the main build is over.....changes and rebuilds. My pops came by the other day as i was working in the garage and saw my truck striped down and asked "whats broken". I just laughed and said nothing on the truck but i am. Always wrenching.

Getting shocks rebuild and some valving.
Wanted to drive it around the block with it all bumped out but could not make it down the approach.


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Apr 4, 2022


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Apr 4, 2022
So i am finally getting around to posting a update on here.
Went to baja with my daughter co riding with me for a 9 day prefun run. The 1st 4 days were spen with mike and his crew (mike_likes_trucks). We had a blast runing through the pine forests and the beach runs.
The 2nd half was mostly r&r time for my daugjter and i. We stayed along rhe pacific side rhe whole time. You can check out mikes post on here amd he gives much better details.


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  • this trip was so much fun. remember this Mike..

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
Now doing some prep for a summer fun run.
I installed some hub centric sleeves on the dana 44 front hubs while i qas preping the front corners. These things fit great and hold the rim good. I did find a good crack on the passenger side swing set.

I have had a problem with a fuel leak around the top plate so i dug into it this time. Wow...... My 20 year old cell is de laminating at the top.
So i called fuel safe to order a new bladder. Say what?? They change sizes in 2006 and dont make the old size anymore other then custom and even though they made this comon size for 20 one has records of it so now its a custom. Even thou the new standard bladder is only a 1/2" wider. Not sure if that will cause a problem. All fuck.

I did by a new cell last year to start preping fo a v8 swap. It is a 41 gal. But to put it in, i will have re-back half the truck. Shit. Was not ready for this yet.

I have been trying ro get hold of harmon cells but after a day and a email, 2 calls, nothing yet. I may just order tubes and start cutting


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  • So a little bit of a post baja 500 fun run damage repair and prep for the next run.

    truck is ready to go on a run now but i did order a new swing set from dave threat ms. my current one is his 1st gen and it had the supper wide spacers which i never got so i just been ruining a stack of washer. it has been on my list to drill out and sleeve them but never got to it.

    the new one is his current set up with the bolt on plates and like my old ones, i order it with uni balls instead of a bushing pivot. it will get installed in a month or so. mean while, i already fixed the crack.

    i also bought a eagle one jack 3 years ago to mount on my truck some where. i have not been able to find a easy place to mount it with out my weak ass arms raging it off the bed sides. I could just mount it in the bed but on trips to baja, it would be covered up and hard to get to. i do carry a small bottle jake and one of the large scissor jacks but not sure if i trust that thing. any ideas?

    the new fuel cell is 1/2" wider then the can. had to work it a bit. i hope it does not create any problem. thats the difference from the old size to the newer size. they change a bit in 2006.

    here is a break down of the post 500 repair and prep fo another trip.

    new fuel cell bladder and fuel filter, miss. hardware. $1200.
    new AC compressor. the wire going in my old one vibrated apart. $700
    new tire to replace one with sidewall plug $250
    4 corner prep/grease/brake/drive plate check $100
    flush power steering fluid, pan change trans, engine oil, check diff. $200
    new AC vent, new limit strap on one side (got in the tire). $50
    miss. stuff i forgot like air filter, diff filter, cleaning supplies. $50
    total $2550
    extra cost for new swing set about $1k + changes i will make to it and powder coating and while at it i will re-powder coat the tie rods and new alignment. $150

    been driving it to work a few times as a shake down.

    i have never added this shit up. i just do it and have fun. dame, this shit is pricey.

    anyways, i am ready for the next trip. looking for a baja summer trip, then petes camp poker run.


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charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
Offroad expo day. Then its off to baja in 2 weeks for the norra 500 hang out only for me.
Then to san felipe for the petes camp poker run.

Thanks brian (blackwidow exhaust ) for having my not so show beauty queen truck at your booth.

I have used a lot of mufflers over the 31 years on this truck. The blackwidow muffler has been one of the best. Been on my truck for 4 years now. Its light so i xont have to re-weld it all the time, good sound,and no real drone like so many others


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Quote from Ted Nugent: As long as the idiots don’t like you, it proves you are not an idiot.

Somtimes i look at othwr trucks and i want to do so many things different. Thats why i have been considering a new build instead of a rebuild.

Anyways, had a blast for 4 days of baja.

Thursday...friday in ensenada norra. Got to meet bajadog. Maybe we can work somthing out for the 1k??

Then it was off to san felipe for the petes camp poker run. Meet up with mike (mikes_likes_trucks) with his 69 f-100.

This year i pushed my way over with the fast guys. They were all heavy hitters. Ex cops racing prerunner....and the 70s dent sides where big hp. Everyone in my line had big power.

My little v-6 hung in there good until my daughter got motion sick and we had to stop.

Thats when things started to test us.

Mike stopped to make sure we were good. Then his truck died. Hmmmm. Wtf.
Blew fuel pump fuse. After some time, he figured it was the pump. Good thing he had a spare.
Took a while to get to it but that was it.

Then we found out we were about 5 miles off course. Crap. Once back on course, and some up holl long sand washes (along with 95+ temps) we started some temp issues so a deink stop was in order.

Dam sand got us when we started. Broke out my sand bags and we started digging. Then the local 4x4 sweep team came by and gave us a tug.

Back running. At the half way point we considered just taking the access road back. But then i remembered last year that the 2nd half was the best. After encouraging mike, we blasted it. And it was the best part.

Back at the cantina for dinner, live band' and beers.....

Another great baja trip and storys for years.


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Quote from Ted Nugent: As long as the idiots don’t like you, it proves you are not an idiot.

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
nice little recap, Chris!
Thanks so much for running with me all day despite all the issues I was having, made a huge difference. So glad you convinced me to run the 2nd half, saved the whole trip probably.

Here's a few photos I grabbed from the weekend although I'm an idiot and never snapped one of the 2 of us together.





(you're in the background of that ^ one!)

lets go again this year Mike...2023

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
  • so this is when I started the re-build upgrade on my front cage. it blew out at the petes camp poker run.

  • Oct 24, 2019
Picture broken tubes.


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  • Here is a side view of what i was trying to say. I will be cuting out that 1". It should of been going rhe other way from the beginning.


    • 20191018_181957.jpg
      1.6 MB · Views: 259Although most of my cage was bolt together, some was welded. Took almost 3 days to strip it down, cut and grind most all off.

      Starting to figure out what i am doing.


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        Yep. The cwnter mount raduis mounts and arm could be different.

        When it was built i think i was runing 31" tires or maybe 33". With bigger tires i can bump more.

        This weekend i got to run the tubes on the passenger side, set new bump cans, and make the mount for the new ump air box.

        Still waiting on the brake master relocation bracket before i start shock mounts and engine cross over deal.

        I ordered 2 brake master brackets. One is a 180° and another 45°.

        Will see what fits.

        My drill on my notcher caught and twisted my hand. Fucker.


        • 20191110_173435.jpg
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          433.9 KB · Views: 376a little work. keep moving forward.

          brakes bled and !00% complete. happy not having to have brake fluid all over me, tools, floor.

          air filter fits great and so far no codes thrown yet. but only garage start up so far.

          made like 3 sets of upper shock mounts but all had issues with not letting shocks fully cycle, pin in ass to service so i think this is a final. only had time to make the outer mt. inner will be another day.


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          • top brake mc.jpg
            top brake mc.jpg
            1.3 MB · Views: 275Well, this took way longer then expected. Shock tuning coming up.


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            Quote from Ted Nugent: As long as the idiots don’t like you, it proves you are not an idiot.

          • So after 20+ years, my winters shifter gave up. At 1st i thought it was just thw cable. But after a cable swap, it was thw shifter.

            Back to the parts store for a new shifter.

            The new style is different then the OG. The new is more modular with different mounting options.

            Of course it would not fit my mounting so i had to get the cutting/grinding tools out.

            After cutting it up, drilling a hole for my overdrive button, installed some blue LED light strips. It was ready to be installed.
            Should be good for another 20 years with this part.


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            Quote from Ted Nugent: As long as the idiots don’t like you, it proves you are not an idiot.