2023 Ford Transit 350 “Trail”


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Apr 17, 2022
I picked up this van brand new September 2023. I had inquired to the dealer about a “trail” package van. It’s a trim package with most of the bells and whistles, the bigger motor (3.5L TT eco boost) AWD, 3.73 gears with LSD, running boards, “raptor lights😂”, tow package and most importantly a 2” lift and bigger tires.

The dealer told me they were un obtainable.

A week later they called and said they had one, a special order that was canceled. I drove straight down and paid over sticker price for it. I knew they were hard to find and I was impatient.

Come to find out after joining the Transit Van world, people had been waiting over a year for thier custom ordered AWD transit vans.

I had one of the first Trail models in the country.

It came as an empty cargo van (kind of insane really for the $70k price tag)

I added sound deader, sprayed in lizard skin ceramic insulation. I added a Decked drawer system to the back. I picked up some brand new black leather captains chairs from a handicap minivan retrofit company. I believe they are from a Honda Odyssey.

I built a platform over the back that fits a full size queen mattress. I had to cut 4-6” off the length. I’m 5’10” and can still sleep “east west” as the van people say.

I added a window, headliner with custom lighting, aux battery with DC2DC charger. 12v fridge. Fabric panels to a few of the walls.

It seats 4 super comfy with the queen bed in place. Tons of storage.

I get 15mpg.

She’s only rated from ford to tow 6,800 which is pretty sad. They call this a “350” and it has a 9500# gvw but it’s f150 engine/trans/front differential on a unibody platform.

I installed a RedArc trailer brake controller, got a weight distribution hitch and sent it.
Pulled my 10,000lbs trailer with Britney in tow.

It’s not great but I’ve towed sketchier (we all have)
But power is not the limiting factor, I can pull all the grades at 75mph. The eco boost motor is kind of silly. Down rated to 300hp 400tq in van trim.
It was hard for me to drink the van coolaid, and the old Econolines are MUCH better suited for any kind of off roading. But I’m in love with this thing. It does everything I ask.


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I’ve put 33k miles on so far and no real problems.
I added some DOT KC LEDs to the A pillars.


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This thing is rad.

thats rad. how does it do towing your truck?
I had the same iceco. worked great. i started having problem's with the display. was like it was reprogramed. i dreaded trying to contact them. when i tried to call them, i got a real person, he wanted pictures. when i sent him pictures, he responded at like 2:30 am with some resolution plans. because they don't make that model anymore, i was able to upgrade to a newer model and a bit larger at no charge. they even sent me a return shipping label. finally a company with great customer service. the whole process was only just over a week.
Awesome van. I've installed a few Van Compass lifts on Sprinters and one older transit. They're cool vehicles especially the ones I lifted that they lived in full-time.

I'm friends with owners of Van Compass and have an account with them if you need any products they offer shoot me a DM and i'll get you the Forum Discount.