For Sale 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 without motor or trans

the bodj

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Apr 4, 2022
Simi Valley, CA
Hey everyone, I'm going to try selling this complete first before parting it out and sending it to the scrapper. Looking to get $1700 for it.

Bed is in decent condition aside from paint all over the bedliner. It has a hideaway goose neck hitch mount. Tailgate latch doesn't work, and tailgate has a dent along the lower portion. Also has frame mounted hitch receiver.

Full floater 14bolt rear axle.

Tires have some amount of tread on them. Could be good rollers or to get you by until next paycheck

Cab is in fairly decent condition aside from typical paint fade. Dash pieces have been removed. Seats are rough but not gross. It's a work truck model, so vinyl flooring instead of carpet.

Since it's an HD model it has hydroboost.

Front clip is all there, just in pieces on my sideyard. All headlights, marker lights, grill... in pretty decent condition. Front bumper isn't too bad, either.

Could be a good start to a project if you're going to drop in a wazoo built motor and trans, or if you need the cab for a cab swap/spare cab.




Currently sitting like this

$1700 or shoot me with an offer/trade for something cool?
Bump. Now parting it out. Everything is there except the dash trim pieces, bed, motor and trans.

Notable items of value are cab, full floater 14 bolt axle, wheels/tires, hydro boost steering box and master cylinder.